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Welcome to the blog page on deanmatsas.wpengine.com. My name is C. Dean Matsas, call me “Dean.” This is the first blog on the new website introducing you to my law office. I am a lawyer who has practiced in Chicago for over 25 years. During those years I have represented people like you with the purpose of solving a problem or issue. Ultimately, my goal has been to use the law to help people make their situation better. And that is why this website is called: “deanmatsas.wpengine.com.” My purpose is to help people like you, with the power of the law, to simply make their situation better.

My focus has been to help those who have been injured, due to someone else’s fault, or to help people who have difficulty dealing with debt. But it doesn’t end there; I have represented clients in various areas of the law. If you have any issue or concern, you may reach out to me and if I can’t help, I can probably refer you to someone who can help you. Over the years, I have established a wide network of lawyers and professionals and I probably know someone who will most likely be able to help. I would be pleased to introduce you to someone who can help you, if I can’t.

As we move forward, I will use this blog to bring interesting issues and topics to you and my take on them. My purpose will be to provide you with information in hopes of making your situation a little bit better.

So, I invite you to check into my blog to learn more. Also, feel free to call me to discuss your situation. Call me by my first name: “Dean,” and we can, together, see if we can find a solution to make it better, using the law.

For now, let me know what you think of the website. Do you like the layout? Is it easy to read? Send me a comment with your input.

Together, we can make it better.

Client Reviews

Wonderful Attorney, BEST OF ALL, Very knowledgeable, Relaxed and On Time, SUPER SMART and easy to work with, HONEST and Direct, Respectful and JUST super person. I could't even imagine what would be do without...

Liv Le

Yes! Rock Solid! Best help I could have ever asked for. Answering all questions i have. Always finding time for clients , after hours and weekends.

Anita and George

A very confident and professional gentleman who knows his stuff. Case Dismissed !! Job well done. I didn’t know anyone in the state of Illinois. And was very fortunate to stumble onto Dean Matsas. He will be my...

Keith H.

Thank you so much for your advice and assistance. I really appreciate it.

Sue M.

Thank you for all your help in this time! I and … truly appreciate it.

Sue H.

Dean was on the subject immediately, he met with me at his office the same day that I called him. We discussed ny case and made a plan. Dean was very knowledgeable and informative about all possible options of...

Eliza M.

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